Hannah Čulík-Baird

A photo of Hannah Čulík-Baird
E-mail: culikbaird@humnet.ucla.edu Office: Dodd Hall 247L

Associate Professor

Fields of Interest: Fragments, Latin Literature and Culture, Cicero


Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, I received my BA in Literae Humaniores from Oxford University in 2011 and my Ph.D. in Classics at the University of Southern California in 2017. Following five years with the Department of Classical Studies at Boston University, I joined the Classics Department at UCLA as an Associate Professor in 2022. My first book — Cicero and the Early Latin Poets (Cambridge University Press, 2022) — explores Cicero’s hundreds of quotations of Latin (and Greek) poets across his extensive corpus, studying the historical processes of fragmentation as well as demonstrating the various and complex intellectual practices which inform Cicero’s engagement with poetry as a historical, linguistic, philosophical, and ethical resource. I am deeply interested in the fragment as form as well as the processes of literary fragmentation and will continue to explore this interest in future work. In several articles, I have also examined Cicero’s characterization of racially and ethnically marginalized figures in Rome and likewise plan to develop my research interests on Cicero and race in future projects. In addition to my research, since 2020 I have co-organized with Joseph Romero (University of Mary Washington) an annual digital conference — Res Difficiles (resdifficiles.com) — addressing inequity in the field of Classics. At UCLA, Hannah looks forward to teaching Cicero, Latin literature, fragmentary texts in theory and practice, and race and ethnicity in the ancient world.